State Street Institutional Small-Cap Equity Fund (SIVIX)

Fund Profile

  • Small Cap Core
  • Russell 2000

Fund Objective

The Fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing at least 80% of its net assets under normal circumstances in common and preferred stocks and other types of equity securities of small-cap companies.

Principal Investment Strategy

The Fund uses a multi-sub-adviser investment strategy that combines growth, value and core investment management styles. The investment adviser will allocate the Fund’s assets among the sub-advisers to maintain exposure to a combination of investment styles, but may have larger allocations to certain sub-advisers based on its assessment of the potential for better performance or to address capacity constraints of a particular sub-adviser, among other reasons. As a result, this orientation will typically produce a portfolio that does not materially favor value or growth style investing, and allows the Fund the potential to benefit from both value and growth cycles in the marketplace. Stock selection is the key to the performance of the Fund.
Asset Under Management ( as of 04/30/2021 )

Total Net Assets

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Investment Team

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    Shawn Mckay

  • /ExternalWar/static/en_US/images/bio/peluso.jpg
    Carrie Peluso

  • Sub-Advisors:
    Palisade Capital Management, LLC
    Champlain Investment Partners, LLC
    GlobeFlex Capital, LP
    SouthernSun Asset Management, Inc.
    Kennedy Capital Management, Inc.

Fund Literature

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